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Dear Mom & Dad, 
I am sorry for the things I never said or did. 
I am sorry for not handling things the way you wished I did
I had my reasons for I hope you understand
It seems your time had come and God knew I would need a helping hand
There was a crumbling in my heart 
I never thought our time would so soon part.
If I had to do it over again I wish I could
The gifts you have given me I plan to use for good 
Things seem so fast and I know nothing lasts
But, it gives me great joy to dream of the past.
I know this life was hard as I remember in writing you
this card
I am happy to know you are somewhere near
For, there are times when I even feel your presence here.
I know our time together was too brief
With all the pain & suffering, God stepped in and Gave
you relief.
I wish you happiness with no fear
Because I know now God is always near.
May the Heavens be better than earth
For I will forever be thankful that you have given me birth.
Love You Always,
Your Daughter Laura



 At first I kept the psychic part of my life very secretive as I thought people would judge me or not think of me the same.   Even, in dating I never really wanted to say what I did for work for fear of being judged.   I would tell people I was an Astrologer but, leave the Psychic part out.   Then, over time I thought the psychic part is really a large part of who I am.   I thought why should I deny the part of myself & who I am to please or feel accepted by another ??    Also, the older I get the more I don't care what others think.    I am writing this as I know several people who feel the need to keep this part of their life secret for fear of being judged.    All I can say is.... you don't need acceptance from anyone other than yourself as it took me a long time to learn that.    You only need people in your life who accept you for you.    Also, I find that many people fear what they do not understand.   So.. it's best you stay confident in who you are & perhaps educate those who don't quite understand what you do.    Sometimes, things that others can't see or comprehend makes it harder.     Just know the people who are meant to be in your life will be there for you & accept you for you.    The people who come to you for guidance & help believe in you so believe in yourself.  
Blessings to you.    
I hope you enjoy the website



My birtH CHART


If you had told me years ago, that I would be doing Astrology Readings or Psychic Readings for a living I'd probably say you were nuts LOL.  I have always worked in the banking fields.  Venus & Sun both 19º 51' exact Cazimi in the 8th house for those that know Astrology=)    It all started really in 2000 during my 1st Saturn Return.   I had become divorced, moved, lost my job, & found out I had a mild stroke.   Yeah it was not a good year at all to say the least.    All those changes really made me examine my life & where I was going.   Plus... the fact that I had a stroke & Doctors really could not explain how I am alive as.... a person to have a bleed where I did I guess technically should not still be here.   The fact that I had no symptoms or side effects of the stroke was amazing to them.    At that time all I knew was omg life is so precious & I really re examined my life & what really mattered in it.   Let's just say things started happening to me after that stroke that I could not explain. This stoke I feel in some strange way sort of opened the door to the other side in my life.   Which at first was a bit hard to deal with.

My 1st experience was when I found out about my stroke & was visiting with my new boyfriend.   Before going on I have to tell you  I had never met his Father as his Dad lived in Greece.   A few months after news of my stroke my boyfriend rec'd a call that his Father had passed away in an accident in Greece.    About a week later, after I went to bed I saw a figure of a man in his room.  It was so strange as I could not move my body just only my eyes & yet I was very calm.   This man was surrounded in white light & was wearing a checkered shirt of blue & green lines.  He had white hair & tan skin.   He kept going to a drawer in the room.   Then, he came close to my face as all I could do was blink as my body was immobile.  Yet, somehow I was still calm.   The man then moved back & evaporated into the wall.   I then, told my boyfriend that there was a man in his room but, I think this person had passed away.   I told him " I think I saw a ghost ."    He was like... " I have lived here for years & never seen anyone or anything like that."  I told him this man was wearing a white shirt with blue & green checkers on it & that he had white hair & tan skin.   He kept going to his drawer in which I pointed to the drawer.     His olive skinned face went pure white.   I said.. " What's wrong ?"    He went to the closet & pulled out a shirt & asked if this is the shirt I saw ??  I said " yes that is exactly it."  I asked who's shirt is this?   He told me his Fathers & then, showed me a current picture of his Father.   It was the same man with white hair.  He then proceeded to tell me that his Father told him if something happened to him to sell the house in Greece.   He said the papers to the house are in that drawer.   We both sort of looked at each other in shock as I had described to him things only he would have known.   This was the first time I ever experienced anything like this & little did I know it would not be my last.  At this point I was thinking I was not sure if I wanted this little gift as I did not wish to see things as my Grandma always did. 

I come from a family where this is not so rare.   My Grandma was a Medium and my Dad used to be embarrassed as she was very open about things she saw.   I always just hoped I never saw anything as the whole seeing people who were not alive as a kid scared me.    My Grandma never did readings for work but, was a real people person.  She loved to go up to people & give them a message or tell them what she saw.  This sort of scared us as kids as my father would make light & say not to listen as there were no such thing as ghosts.   He would get upset as she would openly talk about these things in front of us kids & we would have all kinds of questions and fears.  

On my Moms side her Grandma was a Psychic as my Mom explains she was always the one who knew when her & her sisters were up to things.    My Mom's gifts were different than mine.  She would get Premonition Dreams & well she sometimes knew if someone was sick or ill or even in trouble.   I remember this day one day like yesterday.    It was May 12, 1985 & my cousin was over & we wanted to play outside.   My Mom said we were not to go playing today  as she woke up & was so upset at what she saw.   She said someone in the family is hurt or shot or something.    Being a smart ass kid I said.... "your nuts !!"   All I knew is we wanted to go outside & my Mom's nutty dream is keeping us inside.    Well.. that afternoon my Aunt came over crying her eyes out & it was like my Mom knew.   She said.... "who died ???" My Aunt said her son Bobby was found shot in his home around 7am in the morning.   My Mom said that's when she woke up to a shot sound about 7am.   Through my Moms dream she knew exactly where he was found & what he saw.   She said it was like she was the person experiencing it and could see all around her.     I will never forget that day & I never doubted again when my Mom said I have a feeling don't do this or that.     

On Sept 31, 2005 I lost my Grandmother.  Which was hard enough then, 2 weeks later, On November 15, 2005 my Father lost his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease.   All I can say is I found things seemed to be happening more often.   For Example:   Me going to bed and dreaming my Grandmother being upset with someone who said something not so nice about my Dad after his passing.    I then, woke up to my phone ringing which was crazy as It was not plugged in as I was moving.    Yeah, talk about nuts.    Then, on Sept 9, of 2008 I lost my Mom & was overwhelmed over all the loss in my life over the last 18 mos.   After losing her I felt her anxiety and fear as she passed suddenly.    I also found that I became a sponge for the other side & could not control my little gift so much that I went to a priest.  Which is also strange as we were brought up Catholic & your not supposed to believe in this sort of thing.    However, at this point it felt like a curse as I could not control it.    I met a friend name Tracy who also had this gift & she helped me so much I can not say.    She helped me to deal with this gift & to control it.    The family I did have who had this themselves had all passed & I felt very alone & really needed their guidance more than ever.    Well.. someone heard my prayer as Tracy was a welcomed gift & I would not have been able to go through all that I did without her friendship.   

In 2008 my friend Tracy whom I would discuss these experiences told me I should do this for work as to help people along their path.  (For those that know Astrology I have Chiron in my 8th house Conjunct my Sun/Venus cazimi.)  At first I thought she was nuts & I never really thought it would amount to anything.   So.. I said what the heck & started working on a site called keen.com.    I figured I would do it part time as I never did this for work before.   It was a learning experience too as things just came to me before and I could not control it.    This time with taking clients I had to try to tap into them to do the reading and tap out of that reading to help someone else.    Well... this little part time job sort of took over & became a full time job.   This job is still thriving till this day.  

However, in 2009 I wanted to know more about why I had this gift and others did not.   I wanted to know why some family had abilities and others did not.   I wanted to know why it was that the ones who did have this ability why we were all so different in the way the messages came to us.   This led me to study Astrology.   In Studying Astrology I was able to understand not only myself but, I found it a great tool to help others as well.     Pieces of the puzzle I get Psychically it seemed that Astrology helped to fill in the blanks & at times validate what I was getting about what was going on with this person presently.    I would spend ALL my free time studying, reading & taking classes.   I knew that I not only wanted to help people through readings but, I wanted to teach Astrology as well.   I found it helped me greatly & thought it would enlighten others as well.   So.. basically, I do both & started this website to help others who have questions about their path & wish to gain insight & direction.    It seems Relationships are my niche as most of my clients come to me for reading's as well as counseling.    I hope you like the website & learn a lot about yourself through  Astrology.   I usually put out several youtube teaching video's monthly.  My handle on youtube is livevisionz.   I also teach classes & if you wish to join click the services link on the left side of this page.   Some of you may know me as ANGELWINGS7733 on keen.com.    Laura was taken so I like angels so that is my handle on that site.  I have a lot of regulars on there so I still take clients there.   However,  I will be putting most of my time here on this site.   I specialize in Relationship Readings & use my Psychic/intuitive Gift & my knowledge of Astrology as a guide.  

In 2014 I had my daughter which has changed my life dramatically.   I had to change my hours so mostly I am available in the late evening when she is asleep.   When she starts school I will be available in the daytime to take clients.    

I also, wanted to say in 2015  Astrology had saved my life.   Those of you may know about Solar Returns.    This is a specific chart that shows what you will be going through from this birthday until your next.    I saw in mine i would have an unexpected heart issue that would take my life.   I totally freaked out as many don't like to do those types of charts as you can see many nasty things in it.   I went to my Dr. to get an Echo Cardiogram which is the test that would have saved my Mom who died of a massive heart attack.   My Dr said you have no issues & your young so you don't need this test.  I begged & pleaded as my Mom had passed from a Massive Heart Attack.  He finally said ok to appease me.   Mind you I had zero symptoms.    They did the test & found a lose tumor that was about to break off into my main artery & would have killed me instantly.   I was scheduled for immediate surgery the next morning.   March 27, 2015.   The Surgeon said what symptoms did you have that made you come in as you saved your life.  He said you would have been dead within the week as that tumor was loose.    I told him about Astrology & how my Mom died & I wanted to be alive for my baby.   He was in shock & said do you know how rare this kind of tumor is??    Plus you had no symptoms....   You are very lucky to be alive he said & by you pushing for your test you saved your life.    So.... my point is...  People be vigilant with your health.    Make sure you push for your tests & listen to your gut.   God gave women intuition for a reason.   I am blessed to be a Mom & use my gifts to help others.   Thank You for visiting my Web Page.   Please join us for LiveStreams via Facebook & Youtube.   This is usually after 9pm Central.   Happy to be alive & sharing with you all. =)