JUNO IN THE SIGNS

The projection of your destined partner in your horoscope is generally the Sign and House position of Juno. Let’s take a look at what positions of Juno promise what kinds of partners. 

Juno in Aries 
Your partner will be aggressive, short-tempered, and ambitious. Interested in sports, he/she can be highly energetic. He/she may also be dominant, stern, and tense. You need to be active yourself to be able to adapt to your partner’s fast way of living. 

Juno in Taurus 
This position points to an unchanging, joy-loving, security-seeking, physically attractive spouse. Juno, when positioned in Taurus, can also mean monetary security and prosperity will come after marriage. You will see that your future spouse will care too much about money. Juno in Taurus may also mean the spouse will be quite attractive physically and earn a great deal in business. 

Juno in Gemini 
You can’t marry a silent and calm person. What you need is someone talkative, active, intelligent and logical. This position may mean you will marry a relative. It can also be deducted that your future spouse will be someone you have met during school days. A Juno position in Gemini sometimes points to a second marriage and the chance to find your soul mate. Venus’ relationship with Juno is significant in this case. 

Juno in Cancer 
What you need is a sensitive and emotional partner. This person can appear early in your life. He/she can also be somebody related to you by your karma. It is probable that your partner will not be much strong and healthy. You can find him/her complaining about health, and yourself complaining about his/her laziness, too often. 

Juno in Leo 
Your partner may be showy, creative and joyful and may act as if he/she is “onstage”. However, this person may also be a bossy and immature one with a strong ego. If your natal Juno has inauspicious aspectual relationships, you must keep away from shy and withdrawn persons. The effect of Juno in Leo generally brings a spouse who is energetic, sociable, full of life and “the flirting type”. Under such a positioning, your first love affair can lead to marriage. Your partner will not exactly be “homebound” like a Cancer but will value family and children much. In this case, Juno’s aspects must be studied more closely. 

Juno in Virgo 
What you need is a partner who is effective, hard-working and attentive to your health. However, you can come across overly criticizing types in life. In relationships built on awareness and reason, work and career may be more important than emotions and romance. This position of Juno gives hints about your meeting your future spouse at the office or at a hospital. 

Juno in Libra 
Who you need is an attractive person with a good taste of arts. The Juno – Libra combination shows that your spouse will enter your life to bring along many personal changes within you. He/she will also be loving and may hold considerable social power. 

Juno in Scorpio 
Your spouse will be attractive and mysterious. Sexual compatibility will be a must. This positioning points to a jealous and obsessive spouse at times. Besides, it can be interpreted that you still have a karmic bond from the past between each other. 

Juno in Sagittarius 
Your partner may have a totally different past. He/she can be a well-educated, travel-loving type of person. He/she can even be a foreigner. Do not be surprised if you find yourself having an affair with someone who likes to talk much and listens to others only a bit. Explore the philosophical meaning of your relationship and never underestimate the importance of developing yourself. 

Juno in Capricorn 
When Juno is in Capricorn, it can be deducted that you are looking for a practical partner who is skilled in organizing and ordering. You expect your partner to assist you in your time of need but don’t expect this assistance to be delivered on an emotional level. He/she will earn your confidence easily but you can find him/her withdrawn and hard to open up. You will probably meet your future spouse “coincidentally” after the age of 28. You will probably decide to marry thinking that this person is the one who can give the most sincere love. 

Juno in Aquarius 
Your spouse will be logical rather than emotional. This person can also be an old friend of yours. It is also probable that you will be introduced at a social meeting. Your spouse will have a busy social life and this can at times make you feel neglected. You may have to make programs accordingly and spend your time with friends. Whatever the case, your spouse will be kind of weird but a good-hearted person. 

Juno in Pisces, 
This position of Juno suggests a partner who exists in a dream world. The ever present influence of imagination can have you find what is wrong with the person you love but also cause you to correct it only in your mind and not in reality. You will have to be careful when making a choice of marriage partner. Since you will be self-sacrificing and protective, find someone who is worth it. Your spouse may be physically disabled but may also satisfy you emotionally. This person can also be someone who has had secret feelings for you before your relationship became a reality.

Juno (Hera) is in some ways similar to Venus. However, Venus represents love and attraction at the early stages while Juno is related to attachment and loyalty. 

Juno represents the person we are to share our lives with. Even though there is not defined any concept of Marriage in the horoscope, let us call our relationships with the people with whom we spend more than a year together and accept as our partners in certain decisions Marriage. This way, we can discuss Juno in greater clarity. 

Juno can point to both the changes that will occur in your life after marriage and the characteristics of your destined spouse(s), if you are destined to any. Analyzing the relationship of Juno with other planets can yield information about how your spouse will treat you, what things will be hidden and how your marriage will evolve. 

The influence of Juno is not the same in all horoscopes though. It is influential in the 5th, 7th and 9th Houses but can be quite weak in 1st or 3rd Houses. In order to be able to “understand” Juno better, one needs to analyze it together with Venus, which represents your view of relationships and the types of affairs you prefer. 

Even the analysis of Venus alone may not make true revelations related to a certain person’s emotional life. The interpretation of Venus and Juno together can prevent an Astrologer from interpreting the chart as one that brings undesirable affairs while it in fact points to finding the person’s soul mate. 

In women’s horoscope, Juno represents a future husband while in men’s horoscope it’s more related to business associates and co-workers. In the case of Juno’s auspicious relationship with Mars, one can say that the person in question will find happiness no matter how hard times may become in the process. 

Juno’s relationship with Jupiter can reveal information about revival of old loves, never-ending feelings, and the soul mate. One must never forget that Juno is not related to short-lived affairs. It shows when, from where and how a partner-for-life will arrive. Juno was never completely understood in Western Astrology. It needs to be associated with Mars and Jupiter, and its relationships with Mars must be studied to the detail in the case of a woman’s relationship with her husband. 

In the case of detailed relationship and marriage compatibility analyses that we call Synastry, Juno bears further importance as it points to a karmic destiny partner, our tendencies in love that we bring from previous lives and the relationships that have their roots in the distant past. 

Juno is sometimes associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius and sometimes with Mars and Aries. However, it must never be associated with Venus, Libra or the 7th House. 

Juno’s relationship with the Moon must also be considered and interpreted according to the Moon phase. Juno is one of the most dominant feminine elements in a horoscope. It must be analyzed with greater care in men’s horoscopes. 

Juno represents the type and time of marriage in women’s horoscopes. The transiting planets that establish aspectual relationships with natal Juno help us to analyze destined relationships and their time of introduction into one’s life. 

For instance, during a South Moon Node-Juno conjunction, an auspicious Jupiter transit helps you to meet your future spouse. Following auspicious transits of Jupiter while aspecting Venus and the Sun can also give us the periods when this relationship will develop and when you will marry. 

Astrological analyses can, as we have written until now, give us many hints about the nature of love. The most important factors in these analyses are generally the courses of one-to-one relationships themselves. In short, an Astrologer can at any time tell you about how a certain relationship will influence you.