ARIES MARS corresponds to the head including the face (with one exception: the bony part of the nose is ruled by Scorpio).
    •    TAURUS VENUS to the throat and beginning of neck, palate,   larynx, tonsils, occiput (back of the head), and cerebellum 
    •    GEMINI MERCURY: shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, thymus, upper ribs
    •    CANCER MOON: thorax, abdomen, stomach, diaphragm, lower lung lobes, aorta, upper lobe of liver, breast and mammary gland, right eye female left eye male
    •    LEO SUN: back, spine, heart,  right eye males, left eye females
    •    VIRGO MERCURY: belly and umbilical region, intestines, lower liver lobes, pancreas, spleen
    •    LIBRA VENUS: loins, inguinal region (groin), kidneys, vascular nerve system of the skin
    •    SCORPIO PLUTO: genitalia, sexual organs, bladder, urethra, rectum and descending colon, flexor, prostate, bony part of the nose
    •    SAGITTARIUS JUPITER: hips, upper half of lower extremities, femur (thighbone), ilium, arteries, veins, sciatic nerve, pituitary gland, cell nutrition
    •    CAPRICORN SATURN: rules the knees, skin, teeth, ears, bones
    •    AQUARIUS URANUS: lower leg, lower half of lower extremities, ankles, electrical impulses
    •    PISCES NEPTUNE: rules the feet, toes, pineal gland, thalamus, spinal cord, and nervous processes.


Never have surgery on the part of the body that the moon is currently residing in that rules that particular part of the body.
Example.  Heart surgery Moon should not be in Leo
Work done on teeth moon should not be in Capricorn
Breast surgery moon should not be in Cancer.

Try to avoid also, if moon is in hard aspect to that part of the body being worked on as well.   Example.  Work on teeth  & moon is in hard aspect to Saturn.

Having surgery during a Full Moon 5 days before or after is not a Good idea. Our body’s fluids are the highest during a full Moon, so we will have a greater chance of swelling & or hemorrhaging.
Having surgery during a New Moon 5 days before & after is a much better time as there are less chance of swelling or bleeding excessively.

Try to have surgery when mars is in good aspect to the moon.
Harder aspect can mean more bleeding a more favorable aspect is less bleeding.

Having surgery during a fixed sign is good as the surgeons hands should be steady & surgery is apt to go without any further complications.   Just be sure this fixed sign does not rule the part of the body your having surgery on.   Example.  The sign of Leo is good if your getting your teeth worked on but, not good if your having heart surgery as Leo rules the heart.

During a Mars or Mercury retrograde surgery should be avoided if possible.  As Mars rules cutting & knives & if this planet is retrograde there can be issues with the surgeon not performing his or her best & there can be more loss of blood.   Mercury retro is not good as there can be miscommunications, mistakes & mix ups.

Having plastic surgery?  Be sure Venus, is direct & in good aspect.
Venus rules beauty so you want to make sure to get a good outcome.
Also be sure mars & Mercury are direct for reasons above.

Avoid moon in the sign opposite your sun sign
or Mars in the sign opposite your mars sign if you can     

Re-Schedule your appt if the moon falls on a mood void of course day.  
This is when the moon has left one sign but, has not yet entered another.  When this happens you may end up going back to re do it or something may end up getting in the way or nothing will come of it.  This is because the moon needs to be in a sign to take action so no sign means no action.

Having Moon conjunct Neptune Natally can have more chance of allergies & being sensitive to medications.  Be sure to tell your Dr.  If you Sensitive to medications.