Recorded Readings $60.00
30 min reading 

Astrology Natal Reading $60.00........................

Relationship Advisor Session $60.00...................

Natal Reading
We go over what types of partners you draw in
The type of marital partner you will have
The type of partners you draw in for dating
How you flirt to draw in a mate
Your career path
Do you have wealth promised to you?
Will you inherit money in this life?
​Do you have lottery aspects?  If so I will give dates.
How you handle your emotions
How you communicate
​If Time Permits....  Any current transits that maybe effecting you and how

Relationship Advisor Session
We will go over the types of partners you attract
​The type of partners your partner attracts
The partners you draw in for dating
The partners your partner draws in for dating
The type of person you draw in for marriage
The type of person your partner draws in for marriage
How  you handle emotions as opposed to how your partner handles his or her emotions
How you and your partner communicate & if any issues.
​How you effect each to her via synastry.