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5 stars Thank you! That was an awesome conversation and I will definitely call again in the future. You picked up easily and accurately on the situations I asked you about and gave me great guidance. Sometimes I feel like readers are just picking up on me (like reading my own thoughts/ perceptions) but I felt you were actually picking up the situations themselves, and were doing so very intuitively. Thank you so much! 
5 stars Wow this lady is amazing... I asked her about potential love and she started picking up on other things like a trip I'm planning and my work... She was right about everything... She picked up on a recent unexpected move... She was bang on about that too!! She then picked up my ex'es energy and was right about him too, and said things that were consistent with other psychics. Said he'd be contacting me around the end of March. She gave me SO much accurate info and I barely told her a thing! Thanks so much laura, sorry we got cut off, will call again!! 
5 stars My 1st time calling & I am soooo happy i was able to talk to Laura! Se has made it to the top of my faves list!! She nailed every aspect of my situations & I'm a permanent client of hers!! Awesome call!! 
5 stars Thank you for the reading. I feel empowered with what you told me and am grateful for the insight you have given me. You were so accurate and picked up on things so quickly and gave me so much information. I will definitely keep my eyes open. Thank you so much for your help. Give her a call. She is good. 
5 stars Wow, go to say she read his personality and the way he does things in life to a tee and told me the truth of the situation which is exactly how it has been and suspected it may continue. Thanks so much for your precise insight and honesty. I ran out of funds but you were great! 
5 stars Holy Moly! GIFTED GIFTED GIFTED. Picked right the heck up to the T on the person I was asking about and gave explicit details that only I could know. A very sweet, intelligent person but does NOT sugar coat it. Loved it! 
5 stars I've been struggling with the loss of my BF now for a couple months. I've utilized a few other advisors. Laura has been consistent with her advice and predictions. She hasn't made me any promises of the future, but she has made predictions. I'm to the point where I feel alternative therapy/counseling would be in my best interest and Laura supported that. I appreciate Laura's consistence, accuracy, and honesty.  Laura isn't trying to bleed money out of you, or drag on the call or lead you on to keep spending time and money. I definately recommend Laura. 
5 stars She was great and I liked that she told me what she saw, not what she thought I wanted to hear. She said that J is having stress in his home and that he will talk to me in March. Things will be revealed in April and it will be my decision to leave or stay. She saw me in a committed relationship by October and married in 2013. I like that she was honest about what she did not see. She said that R was honest about the cheating, but did not want to get involved.  
5 stars Well readers she did it again!!!! i had a reading on the 16th & what she told me came thru.. My Laural what am i going to do w/o u... You scare the shit out of me. Dam you.. what is their to say that i havent said before just keep it rolling.thank you My Angel on my shoulders.
5 stars My reading reading was awesome! She hit it on the nail. I recommend her to all. She is very compassion and provided great advise. Thank you for being here for me this morning and helping me understand my feelings and situation. 
4 stars Laura was very nice, caring and understanding. She answered my questions quickly and gave alot of information. She seemed to pick up on the person I asked about well. She felt there was a possiblity of things happening and gave me some advice on dealing with it. Will need to see how things come together.
5 stars laural once again was spot on and consistent. I took advice from another advisor and it didn't go so well. Laura was honest, and put things in terms I could relate to. definately recommend her for you.  
5 stars Wonderful wonderful wonderful! It was great to talk with Laura again!
5 stars Laura always gives great advice and gets to the meat of the matter very quickly. she doesn't waste time. Thanks Laura. Looking forward to spring. 
5 stars Wow, she did it again. My Laura gave me a reading on 2/2,called today for an up date now everything she said on 2/2 people some of it came thru. Now she said something about that i will do something in the beginning of March. she was very very strong on what she said in the pasted it has come thru & when she says that more than once i truely believe her. Now again i am not gaining anything just my money being spent very very well ....Thank you My Laura love u.  
5 stars Very honest and to the point! Even thought I didn't want to hear my ex isn't coming back, it was exactly what I needed to know. Thank you :) 
5 stars Wow i cant explain this but my Laura is the best Angel a person can get....Today was & up date phone call to a reading that she gave me & how some the things (3 items we spoke about)she said came thru.. My Laura is unbelievable this has happen more than once with her. it has happen in Nov. she was very very positive about something that i will be doing & i said no no its not going to happen well it happened. Readers this is not a game nor a joke. i am not gaining anything but my money being spent & it is being spent well.you wont regrett calling her. please try her. Again thannk you my Angel.thank you 
5 stars You are such a dear one, I have enjoyed the readings in the past & I again felt like you connected with my situation and I appreciate the insight!! Thank you so much!! 
5 stars I needed to say that Angelwings has been very accurate. When I look back over our readings, most have come to pass and I'm ever so thankful. My situation could have been a lot worse than it was had I moved forward with a loved one. Thank u again Laura, u have gained a life time client!  
5 stars Thanks. Laura was consistent with advice. I spoke to her a couple weeks ago, and her advice was consistent again with what she had said. Thank you. for being honest. 
5 stars I have spoke with you several times in the last year about my situation. In the past you have been dead on with my situation, and what will come next. Hopefully this time is the same, I really enjoy speaking with you. You are so easy to talk to, I will be in touch again soon. Thank you. 
5 stars Thank you for always being understanding. I know what you say is true regarding my interest. I'm crossing my fingers. You're always to the point with your advice.. Even when im freaking out.. and I appreciate you so much  
5 stars Thank you; pretty detailed on the person & situation in question. Even described me and how I analyze things (which is so me) no coaching on my part. Happy with the reading & will see how things turn out end of Jan into Feb. Thxs Laura 
5 stars She was absolutely GREAT! Saw everything, described my situation excately correct. Will wait for predictions. She did not sugarcoat anything but was sweet and gentle.  
5 stars Great call!! Lots of information! Sorry I couldn't afford more time for this call...but very accurate description of my man and our situation. I look forward to the positive predictions you provided. 
4 stars She was very friendly. I would contact her again. I have been trying to walk away....she reminded me why I must. I love him but will need to let go. I will contact her again 
5 stars Awesome - I've had readings before but not like what the info I rec'd from her - very very good - I wish I had more money - but I will be back - thank you soo much - Happy New Year! ~ 
5 stars Thank you so much for the very accurate and honest reading! Lots to think about. ;) Very insightful, definitely a must call
5 stars Thank you for your insite. Your the only one who told me that it isnt going to work out with me and B. You could be the only right one I dont know. I guess time will tell. With J you see him in and out. I appreciate your insite. I will keep you updated. 
5 stars Laura was very helpful and friendly, she provided great insights into the man I called about and I plan to use that advice to the best of my capabilities. 
5 stars It was a good reading. She was honest and no sugar coating to build you up. she did discribe the person i'm asking about accurately. She said no new person in the next 2 months as I will be focusing more on work and home and day to day activities which sounds true and typical of how I would handle this emotional trauma I'm going through anyway. Thank you for your honesty
5 stars Laura is very right on. Needed no information at all but able to accurately describe the dynamics of the relationship. Will call you again. Thanks! 
4 stars Appreciate the insight, your honest candor and opinions. Hopefully next year will bring more happiness than before. 
5 stars Wow My Laura how you were sent from heaven thank you for you patients. How on target you have been thank you everything has come thru, "My Angel" sent to me thank you..
5 stars First time calling and I was definitely glad I did. Laura is very kind and easy to understand as she gives you a fast and detailed reading. I've been on keen for years and she is one of the best. 
5 stars Laura is exactly like described by others! very intuitive! accurate and to the point! pick up my situation very well. Thank you!
5 stars Call Her!! I have talked with laura many times and she has never given me bad advice... she picked up on D's ways immediately and saw exactly how he is behaving!!! I didn't tell her anything about him, but she was spot on!!! Thanks Laura, I will be calling again! 
5 stars wow thank you so much for your patients thank you thank you. you are truly the best " MY ANGEL " thank you 
5 stars Wow I can't say enough. God brought u to me to help me follow through on a Huge lesson in my life. And this time I'm gonna get it right! It was a priceless conversation! Amazing ! Lucky to have called u!  
5 stars Thank you for all the time and energy you have invested in me and helping me understand the issues I am dealing with. You have been very patient and are always very easy to talk to. Im sorry my phone cut off, it died half way through, but I will call again soon. Thank you again. 
5 stars all i can say is VERY THOROUGH. she really concentrates on you as a person when doing the reading. explaining who you are and how you interact with each person. thank you so much. 
5 stars Absolute great call!! She hit the nail on the head. This is my first time calling and I have been blown away by how much detail she knows. It's been a long time since I've had a call like this. THANK YOU!  
5 stars Enjoyed call. Fast reading. Interview will go well with no animosity. Decision will be made beween me and another person. Can't tell if I will get the job. However, I have luck with money from now until the end of the year, it's a perfect time to look for a job, and things will come to me. Can't do better than that for a prediction. TY many times! 
5 stars Thank u so much Laura. It was a joy speaking to you for the 1st time. Sorry I couldnt add any more money, on a budget lol. But you are truly gifted and you really picked up on my situation so well. You definitely put everything in perspective for me. I know what you say will come to pass and I will definitely take your advice when he comes back around. Again, thank you. You are definitely an Angel on Earth. I will keep you updated.  
5 stars I really liked your truthfulness the little I was able to spend with you. You are very honest in the way you see things and are very helpful,steaightforward all with a very easy and friendly attitude. I will be calling back soon with updates. Thank You 
5 stars AWESOME!!! Laura is the BEST!!! Solid readings...Solid advice!!! Laura I will let you know how it goes. Blessings 
5 stars Thank you very much, a very good call & I felt like you connected wonderfully with my situation. I appreciate your honesty with the time frames & I will let you know what happens!! Thanks again, very insightful!!! 
5 stars Thank you so much. Best advice I ever got from anyone. I appreciate the straightforward answers. I actually recieved the answer I was looking for and I know the direction I want to move toward. Sometimes you know in your heart what to do but at times you feel stuck. So a little validation goes along way! I feel I can move on and feel less stuck.... THANKS! 
5 stars I always enjoy my calls to Laura. she gives sound, straight- forward advice and is on point with my situation! Thank you Laura!!!  
5 stars One of the best readings! Thank you
5 stars Laura doesn't waste a second of your time! she gets right to the issue at hand and tells you honestly what she sees. A great call...I will do as you suggested. you confirmed some things I thought were going on. Thanks Laura, i will call again. Blessings 
5 stars laura was amazingly right on target with everything. she give me some dates and time frames for my new relationship and gave advise on my old relationship which was very helpful. Hope she is right about the new guy time will tell i will keep you informed on our progress. Thank you 
5 stars Laura is so on point!!! She always picks up on a couple of little details that confirms to me that she is REAL!!! she knows what she is talking about and if she isn't sure, she says so... she doesn't make something up just to please. Thanks Laura...I will be looking forward to October! Blessings 
5 stars Thank you Laura! I haven't heard back from B yet but you said I will so I'm hoping in the next few months we can define this relationship with some healthy boundaries like you said. I will keep you updated! 
5 stars Laura was able to pickup on some of the emotional characteristics of my boyfriend. The distance in the realtionship has caused stress on both sides. We are each dealing with it differently. Changes in my career at the end of the year and changes in our relationship will be happen slowly but surely. Thanks.
5 stars I had another question and called back. I haven't done yet what we talked about but will. Either way he will get the hint to straighten up. Thanks Laura your the best! So glad I found you! More than 5 stars easily.
5 stars WOW WOW WOW! I have been on here for more than 8 years talking to other advisors and this lady is not only articulate, but affordable, insiteful, honest, uncanny with relationships and detailing the people I ask about and nailing them to a T that I'm almost afraid to say too much on here because the secret will be OUT and she will be sooo busy I will never get to talk to her!! lol Wow, I am so impressed and put her right up to the top of my favorite advisors. I know that B cares but now she has given me the tools to help me set my boundries and get his little act together in this relationship. Thank you soo much!!!!!! 5 stars just doesn't do her justice. 
5 stars First time calling. Awesome reading! She provided me with some great advise. See changes coming in October. I will call again. She was worth talking to and I really appreciated her being so open and honest regarding my sitution. 
5 stars Laura is always a pleasure to speak with. She is fast and confident in all her answers. Thankx so much for the wonderful reading. Have a wonderful day
5 stars Well I knew before I called she would give me the truth and she did. she picked up on my friend very well 
5 stars Thanks very much Laura. Ran out of money, but thank you for the heads-up about things. Whew - engagement and marriage. let's hope it is the right person!!! I'm still hoping. I have felt strongly that he is the One if he would stop the push-pull stuff. As ever, grateful. 
5 stars Wow! incredible and she was really quit pleasing to talk with on the phone, she sound very confident in her predictions as well Laura I will call you back to update you on predictions. Thanks for the reading. 
5 stars Very good reading. On trac with alot of what is going on in my life. I thank you for the good reading and i hope what you told me is coming my way in Aug really does. Thank you again.  
5 stars great insight! thank you ! i really need to listen to you! you are correct in what you say! I just need to realize that I do have the power to be strong and concur! xo 
5 stars Laura immmediately picked up on little things and told me what was happening...i did little talking and alot of listening and she was right on point! thanks Laura...i will look forward to the next couple of months and see how everything unfolds! Call her...you won't be sorry 
5 stars Thank you Laura for being an Angel especially early in the morning/late at night. your honesty, your insight, your professionalism and was everything I was seeking. 
5 stars I enjoyed talking to you and I know that what you are saying is so true. I am going to start making changes and see where it leads me. I will call you soon with updates. I felt very comfortable talking with you.