OCTOBER 12, 2016


$50.00 PER SEAT

Some of you may know that I do not do Solar Return Readings.   This is due to the fact that  you can see some awful things

in a Solar Return Reading.   I never want to be the Astrologer who talks about major health concerns or even death in a reading.

I have planets in my 8th house so... I always want to know what the next year is going to bring.

In doing so I discovered a major health issue for me in 2015.   Because of my knowledge of Astrology,

I was persistent on some tests at my doctors appt.   These tests saved my life. 

They found a loose tumor in my heart & I had immediate open heart surgery the day after my test.

That being said.... I have had numerous people ask me for a Solar Return Reading.

This is not the sort of info I wish to give someone in a Reading. 

I feel that a Reading should leave you inspired not in a full blown anxiety attack or in a panic.

I then thought of what would have happened to me if I had not known what I knew & forced my Doctor for those heart tests.

My daughter would be without a mother.   I would not be here period. 

So... I figured I would have a Webinar & teach you how I do a Solar Return using my own chart.  

This way... anyone who wishes to do their own can. 

I will also include a Medical Astrology Video to this page as I feel it will be helpful for most of you. 

I love what I do and I love teaching.  If this class can help or save 1 person it's worth it to me.

I hope you really find this class informative & helpful.

You must know the Basics of Astrology including Aspects

& Transits to take this Webinar.