Looking at a persons planets & where they fall in your chart can give you so much information.  You can see how they effect you as a person and this may explain a certain dynamic you have with that person.   You can also look and see where your planets fall in their chart.   This will help explain how you effect them as a person.   Knowing this information can be extremely useful in understanding your relationship.   This is also useful not only in personal relationship but, with relationships with family or even co workers.  

Sun in a partner’s first house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s first house, your partner may find you to be very attractive.  You may give them more energy, vitality & even an ego boost.   You may awaken their sense of self and identity.   Issues with their self, identity may come up with you in their life & could be a focus.  You may find you attract toward you some of your partners qualities which maybe good or bad.   Choose wisely.   Focus on your partners positive qualities in order to empower your relationship.   

When your romantic partner’s Sun is in your first house, they are shining a light on you.   You can have more energy and vitality.  your sense of self can be a focus.   Characteristics of you as a person can come into focus good or bad.   Your may find your partner attractive and desirable. You are likely to experience the feeling of confidence & become more self aware of yourself with your partner in your life.   You are likely to receive a boost of the ego with your partner in your life.    

Sun in a partner’s second house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s second house, you may bring m ore of a desire to your partner to create security.   Your influence may bring opportunities and creativity to his or her abilities to manifest money.   You can also create more desire for physical pleasure with your partner.   Be careful though as with this placement your partner may feel he or she is being used for money.   As you may have a real interest in your partners finances.   

When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your second house, this can open opportunities to create financial stability for you.   You may feel more desire for pleasure with your partner.   He or she can show great enthusiasm in your business ideas.  He or she may provide financial assistance to you.   Because of their focus so much in your finances some may feel used by the partner.    Be careful of being too possessive of your partner with this placement.  

Sun in a partner’s third house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s third house,  you stimulate your partners desire to communicate & share ideas.   You may love how your partner communicates as communication may flow smoothly between the two of you.  You may not mind if your partner dominates conversation.  Your relationship stimulates your partner’s mental abilities and is also favorable for writing, speaking, making new connections & taking short trips together.    

When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your third house, he or she stimulates your desire to communicate.   This may lend to new ideas and learning as well.   You may want to learn new things.  You may dominate conversation which your partner does not mind as communication flows smoothly for the both of you.    You may enjoy writing, speaking, meeting new people and taking short trips together.    He or she stimulates your mind as well.    

Sun in a partner’s fourth house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s fourth house, you increase his or her desire for home and family in the relationship.  Even if your partner was the type of person who is always out and about, with you in their life they may feel more of a home body.   If they were the type of person who never wanted to live with a person well.... your in for a surprise as you are just the person who may just make them  feel the desire to live together.   You may just awaken that warm and cozy feeling in them that makes them more of a home & family type of person.  You may also be more drawn to have the feeling of being the provider in the relationship & to take care of your partner. 

 When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your fourth house, you may find that you are drawn to live together. You also tend to give up authority and find yourself following your partner’s lead in domestic situations.  Your partner may be the provider in the relationship and you may be dependent on them for their support.

Sun in a partner’s fifth house: 

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s fifth house, you encourage your partner’s desire for creativity, children and romance.   This relationship will be fun for both of you as the 5th house rules pleasure.   If you partner never wanted children suddenly you may stimulate his or her desire to have them.    Your partner may be more romantic and playful with you in his or her life.  

 When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your fifth house, you feel more playful.   Your desire to have children could be stimulated.   You could eel more creative and may wish to take up creative projects.   You could also feel more romantic with this placement.   

Sun in a partner’s sixth house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s sixth house, he or she likes to do little things for you to show they care.   You may inspire him or her to be more healthy.    You may also want to be more involved in their daily tasks and even take over.   Be careful as sometimes your partner may become resentful of this.  Ask permission first. =)    You may also inspire him or her to be of service to others and do charity work.    

 If your relationship partner’s Sun is in your sixth house, you may find yourself doing little things to show you care for your partner.   Becoming more organized in your daily activities.   Becoming more healthy perhaps joining a gym.   Volunteering or doing charity work.   You may even be inspired to get a pet.    

Sun in a partner’s seventh house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s seventh house, this can be a Marriage indicator.    You stimulate your partners feelings for Marriage as they may see you as " the one"  The relationship can become the center of their life focus.    If this is not a personal relationship then.. a business partner may have strong feelings to go into business with you.   Your " the one" for him or her as a business partner.   

When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your seventh house, you have a great attraction for your partner.   You will discover a lot about yourself through this relationship.   You feel the desire for harmony & compromise with this partner.  The desire and attraction maybe very strong and you may feel that this is your natural partner as you both may have a magnetic attraction for one another.   

Sun in a partner’s eighth house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s eighth house, there is an almost magnetic attraction between you. You could inspire your partner to be more sexual and this could be quite intense if not memorable for you.    Because of this feelings could arise of passion, jealousy, & possessiveness so beware of this.    You will inspire your partner to look at things more deeply, feel deeply, love deeply & to look into the hidden realms of life.   Such as metaphysics, meaning of life, psychic phenomenon, even if they were not as interested before.  

When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your eighth house, you may feel a lot of intensity with this partner in your life.   Powerful feelings may come up.  Be careful of being too jealous or possessive of your partner.   This is because your partner will awaken a passion in you that perhaps you have not felt before.   The sexual union between the two of you could be quite intense and powerful.   Definitely memorable.   This can be an emotionally powerful bond with many highs and lows.   Money through a partner could be favorable for you.     You could find that you are more interested in the hidden aspects of life.   Things in general that are hidden but, also metaphysics as well.   Such as psychic, tarot, etc even if you were not interested in these things before, suddenly you may become interested. 

Sun in a partner’s ninth house: 

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s ninth house, you can inspire your partners interest in new spiritual or philosophical beliefs.    This can even create an interest in taking up classes or teaching.    You may awaken the urge to travel in your partner as well.    You will definitely awaken their mind by opening the door to different view points, ways of life and different cultures.   You can awaken your partners sense of adventure for sure.   Be careful not to become too dominate about your beliefs as you can influence his or her self confidence.  9th house is also law.   So... you could inspire him or her to do the right thing. 

When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your ninth house, you find yourself interested in your partner’s beliefs or philosophy about life.   You maybe inspired to learn more about different cultures, religions and philosophies in life.   You may feel compelled to go back to school or even travel.even if your a home body.  

This relationship will awaken your adventurous side.     Because the 9th house is also law you maybe inspired to do the right thing.   

Sun in a partner’s tenth house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s tenth house, your partner may see you more of an authority figure.   So... don't be too dominant here as they may become resentful of you.   You  tend to much more interest in your partner’s career.  You give your partner desire & encouragement for success.   They may see you as a mentor.  Your influence highlights his or her willingness to be productive, exert authority, and make a useful contribution to your relationship and the larger world.

When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your tenth house, you see your partner as a mentor, someone you look up to in regards to your career.   With this relationship you have more of a desire to succeed.   You may feel public recognition, & social status are important to you.   You appreciate your partner’s interest in your work.   You may tend to allow him or her to exert a powerful and possibly meddlesome influence over you.  If you partner overdoes it in this area you may become resentful so it's important to set some boundaries. 

Sun in a partner’s eleventh house:

When your Sun is in your Romantic partner’s eleventh house, you highlight the area of life of friends, groups and organizations for your partner.   This can become a focus for your partner with you in their life.   This can also stimulate a partners need or interest in politics or humanitarian efforts as well.    To be their own unique self within a group organization or friendship.   You and your partner may also have a good friendship and have many friends in common.

When your relationship partner's Sun is in your eleventh house, you are more likely to be more innovative with this partner in your life.   You could be more drawn to humanitarian efforts as well as groups, organizations, and even politics.   You and your partner maybe good friends and even have friends in common.   You may soon find yourself desiring to express your individual uniqueness.    You may  participate in a network of political or social groups which promote changing the status quo.

Sun in a partner’s twelfth house:

When your Sun is in your romantic partner’s twelfth house, your partner finds you intriguingly mysterious, you can stimulate you partners compassionate side.    There is an element of being elusive, someone your partner can't really  pin down.  There can be from your partner a feeling is mistrust & even misunderstandings.  

​12th house if the house of hidden enemies so your partner may feel that you are not always on their side of things.    Your partner may feel like they are a secret in your life.    This can also go the other way too.   You can stimulate your partner in a very spiritual, deep, private way.   You can stir up subconscious emotions which they were not aware were there. 

When your relationship partner’s Sun is in your twelfth house, there is a deeply mystical quality to your relationship. You may feel more compassionate toward your partner and may make more sacrifices for him or her.    There could be a feeling of not being able to pin down your partner.    They can be mysterious to you.   This is a very spiritual house however, it is also very private.    You may feel like you are a secret in your partners life which may not sit well with you.   12th house is also hidden enemies so... you may feel that your partner is not always on your side.   However, your partner can awaken a side to your subconscious emotions that you never knew you had.  

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