ARIES: Someone from the past could come back.
Your re evaluating Love & Money. You could re evaluate your appearance but, I would caution you to not do anything drastic as it’s not the time. 

TAURUS: You could be dealing with love or a financial situation from the past which you may wish to keep secret. Some of you maybe healing from unrequited love others this is a secretive situation.

GEMINI: You could be dealing with Love & or Money situations from the past that deal with a friend, group or organization your affiliated with. For March starting the 9th your energy may feel low & or you may just be more private at this time. 

CANCER: You are re evaluating your status weather it’s business or personal. Jobs or Relationships from the past could be revisited. These revisited situations may have to deal with a friend, group or organization.

LEO: You are re evaluating love at a distance, for some it’s marriage planning or weather you want to get married, Some it could be a legal situation, for working professions you could be re evaluating, publishing, teaching, writing, long distance travel, foreign people from foreign lands. Weather these things involve love or money this will be under re evaluation. 

VIRGO: A lover from the past could return, You could be re evaluating your deep feelings. Also, financial situations could be under review. 
Money you owe others or money they owe you. Investments or inheritance could come into re evaluation as well. After the 9th Some of you may be putting energy into legal situations for money. Some with foreign people foreign lands or long distance travel for Love. 

LIBRA: You are re evaluating Relationships weather it’s business or personal. These relationships most likely are from the past. It’s not recommended to start a new relationship during the retrograde as after it’s over you may change your mind of that situation. This is a good time to clear out & or deal with past situations. After March 9th some are putting energy into finances and others into intimacy. 

SCORPIO: You are re evaluating your work situation or a health situation. For some this can be with someone your dating from work. For others, this can be going back to an old work place. I feel after March 9th Some of you maybe putting energy into Relationships weather business or personal affiliated with your job. You could also be trying to improve health at this time. 

SAGITTARIUS: You are re evaluating Romance, Children or Creative Projects. After the 9th all of which could be related to your work or day to day activity. You could also be resurrecting an old hobby.

CAPRICORN: You are re evaluating situations around your home & family situation. Weather your thinking of having someone move in or out or even renovating. If your beautifying your home I’d do the plans now but, wait until After April 15th as if you start now you could have delays or it could cost more than the expected budget. 

AQUARIUS: You are re evaluating communication perhaps when it comes to Love & or Money. Maybe how you advertise, or put yourself out on social media. Maybe it’s finishing up a website. Maybe going back to an old project you started but, have yet to finish like an old dating profile. Some could hear form people from the past & I feel this communication could have to deal with home & family in some way.

PISCES: You are re evaluating your earned income. Some maybe going back to something they started but, did not finish to bring money in. Others could be going back to an old job. Some could be re evaluating Love at work as well. Could be re evaluating a budget on what’s going in & out of your account as well.